Stop Proving Yourself

How a small change in your thoughts can change your life. It amazes me how often I push myself beyond natural limits—and how I excuse this great self-offense in the name of drive, determination and the pursuit of success. Like the time I broke my wrist, had surgery and came […]

Looking for the “Life of the Party”? Look elsewhere. 2

Understanding who you are and what makes you happy is the key to contentment. I am an introvert. I say that with great pride and not an ounce of shame or guilt. I only recently realized it and even more recently gave myself permission to be one. (And, I write […]

There’s a Lavender Farm in Your Future: Are you ready for it?

Picture this: You’re 58 years old, have built a successful career in financial services, and wake up one day as the owner of a lavender farm. Yes, you read that right: a lavender farm. Sounds like a dream, but it’s the real life story of a friend and colleague of […]