Holy Cow Moments on the Way to My Best Business Life

Holy Cow Moment Mindy Diamond

In the fall of 1998 – with nothing other than a phone, a pad and a pen, a space on my bedroom floor, and very limited knowledge of the world of Wall Street – I launched Diamond Consultants, what is today one of the industry’s leading search and consulting firms for financial advisors.

I had three jobs prior to founding Diamond Consultants: two as an accountant and one as a recruiter for accountants. I hated the accounting jobs, the relentless traffic I battled in my commute, and – regardless of my education and degree in the field – I was actually quite ill suited for both of them.

So, in 1986, I decided that if I had to work in a field that I hated, I might as well do it closer to home in New Jersey—and eliminate some of the travel frustration that plagued me. I went to see a woman named Connie at a search firm called Accountants on Call to see if she could help me find a job that might be a bit more palatable.

That’s when my world changed.

Connie saw something in me I didn’t know existed. When I asked her to find an accounting job for me, she said, “Honey, you are a firecracker! You shouldn’t be an accountant. How about coming to work for us as a recruiter?”

My head was spinning…

Give up the field I was trained for?
Disappoint my father?
Work on commission?

Believe me, making that leap from accountant to recruiter was HUGE and it didn’t happen without a whole lot of angst.

From day one as a recruiter, I felt like I had found my calling in life. And – as is often true when one finds what they were meant to do – success followed. I was soon making more money than I had ever dreamed of. I became Accountants on Call’s top recruiter within 12 months of being hired and I loved every minute of the work I was doing.

Then, in 1991, motherhood called and I decided to become a stay-at-home mom for the following 7 years—a decision I certainly do not regret in the least. But – after years of lunching with the ladies, volunteering, serving as class mom, and exercising a whole lot – I decided it was time for me to get back to work and exercise my mind more…not just my body.

And I missed the world of recruiting. I missed building relationships with people and guiding them with objectivity and integrity.

So forming Diamond Consultants at this point in my life proved to be another huge game-changer for me. For all the head spinning I did making the leaps prior – accountant to recruiter to stay-at-home mom to recruiter/business owner – I was my own boss, working in a field that I loved and was perfectly suited for. I had the freedom to do what I liked to do and grow at my own will. I was making money. And I felt happy, content and fulfilled…well, almost.

Success aside…once again…something was missing.

Over time, the “happy” content feeling I had in the early years of the firm seemed to fade. My days were no longer my own. I found I was spending the majority of my time doing things I didn’t love (hated, actually) and not nearly enough time on the things that were most definitely at my core.

And it wasn’t until I identified those things that were really “drivers” for me – those things that made me feel happy and content – and allowed myself to offload the things that were overwhelming me or causing angst, that I started to restore those feelings of happiness and contentment.

That “something” that was missing was balance and congruence.

That was what I call a Holy Cow Moment: that moment in time when you really see that where you are isn’t where you want to be, and you are finally ready to realign and get there. And “there” is the nexus of balance and congruence.

Many of us have Holy Cow Moments, but fail to recognize them. Connie helped open my eyes to a major one back in ’86. Then I learned to open my own eyes.

While I’d love to say that getting to these Holy Cow Moments came easy, I would be trivializing a very important journey each of must take – not just once, but many times – throughout our lives to get to our own individual “Best Business Life”.

But it certainly can be done. In fact, in my 18 years as the CEO of Diamond Consultants, I have been doing just that: helping others define – and live – their very own Best Business Life…while maintaining my own.

I’ve found that many feel this very same way… challenged not by what you love to do, but instead by the things that seem to just suck the life out of you. And it could be work, home, or relationships that you struggle with…just about anything that rents space in your head, and returns nothing but trouble.

Just as Connie opened my eyes and helped to change my world, I want to help you do the same thing.

I want to help you explore the very same processes and routines that I follow each and every day to realign and find that nexus to the more soulful, rewarding life that lives deep down inside of you.

So join me on this journey – right here, on Twitter, on Facebook and even on LinkedIn – as I share my experiences along the path to living a life of congruence, happiness and alignment…a path to finding and living your Best Business Life.


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